Saint Michel Security Door

Peace of mind, privacy, i.e. soundproofing. A complex term for a technically articulated solution and a simple, noise-free result. Introducing the Saint Michel security door from the Scrigno Tech line.

Saint Michel defends against possible break-ins. And much more. Its strength also protects your privacy: it ensures noise reduction and retains sounds. It defends the intimacy of life indoors.
What’s the secret? Latest-generation materials for indoor insulation, which stretches across the entire surface of the door, is embedded in the space between the uprights and is also placed on the upper crosspiece of the counter frame.
The perfect merger of materials and technologies, of flair and science, to give rise to a genuine oasis of peace and safety.
That’s not all: Saint Michel has been supplemented with two variants, available in two models, which depend on the choice of hinges, tubular for Saint Michel, concealed for Saint Michel Pro.
Two security doors distinguished by unrivalled acoustic insulation.

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