Scrignokit counter frames

Rapid and straight-forward installation for a solid counter frame, thanks to the fixing screws. Scrignokit is the counter frame designed for construction sites which blends in seamlessly with plasterboard walls, retaining all the functional benefits of a traditional counter frame.

Scrignokit allows the assembly of a sliding door with a maximum weight of 120 kg and a thickness of up to 40 millimetres. Yet the possibilities are doubled if you combine two Scrignokit opposite counter frames thanks to the joining pins: this way, you will achieve totally double pocket sliding doors. Its versatile and creative style is also expressed in the possibility of adapting the sizes available to smaller dimensions, thereby minimising waste.

Don’t forget: one of the advantages of this counter frame is the compact packaging which makes it easier to store and extremely easy to carry and handle, including on the construction site.

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