Scrignotech Counter frames

After stacking up thirty years of experience, Scrigno introduces the Scrignotech counter frame. The superior quality standard and technical performance levels are certified by the “S tech” mark, a logo that remains visible on the sliding track, even when the product is mounted

A visible film preserves the mechanics of the track from impurities that could impair the sliding of the door: an additional protection for the installer during assembly.

In the plaster version, as well as the plasterboard version, the case structure is always made of galvanised steel. The side member of the case is made from a single piece of sheet metal and is characterised by vertical corrugations, which contribute to providing greater rigidity in the structure.

The sliding mechanism on the counter frame is smooth and solid, thanks to the use of ball bearings with a carrying capacity of 100 kilos. A system that carries the ten-year guarantee.

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