Sforzesco Pro security door

Durable. Hard-wearing. Aggressive. Sforzesco and Sforzesco Pro: two security doors with an added bonus. Two solutions that have boosted thermal insulation, their star feature. To say goodbye to heat dispersion when the weather is cold. To escape stifling heat in the summer. To enhance indoor comfort.

To deter possible intruders. Sforzesco and Sforzesco Pro were designed for security. They are health oriented. They are developed to maximise energy efficiency. To limit consumption in an environmentally-friendly way.

Sforzesco and Sforzesco Pro are two security doors that bring together sustainability, physical and mental well-being and design.

How do they differ? The two distinguishing traits are the hinges: tubular for Sforzesco and concealed hinges for Sforzesco Pro.

A triptych of solutions with customisable colours and finishes, which become the driving force behind the architectural composition: they complete it, define it, embellish it discreetly.

Their soft, clean-cut silhouettes can be accessorised in multiple ways, selecting among the handles and grab bars which most suit the style and taste surrounding them.

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