Sismondo security door

A cosy and comfy retreat? A restricted area in an indoor space? A panic room to hide in? Introducing Sismondo. The sliding security door.

A solid and secure structure with light and linear shapes for soundproofing while enhancing comfort.

In its passageway, indoor spaces are parted and then merge together again. With a smooth motion, always. Sismondo is the architectural sign in motion, capable of defending.

Aesthetically light, essentially powerful, with an understated personality.

The sound-absorbing panels are significant, but unrecognisable. The reinforcing elements are tangible, yet imperceptible. The sliding system is completed by the closing brake and the catch lock. Everything is protected, efficient and silent.

In one movement, Sismondo is revealed and concealed: the evolution of the sliding door. The security door has been transformed.

An extraordinary item of interior décor that is second to none. A formidable element comprising technology and creativity, capable of blending in seamlessly with its surroundings: Sismondo is the security door that glides open and shut.

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