Sliding glass door for Base

The Scrigno Sliding Glass Door for Base is the ideal solution for those who want to separate, without destabilising the environment. A light, unobtrusive, unnoticeable door that makes every atmosphere possible.

Light, like a breath. Clear, like a crystal. It complements the space and interprets it with obvious class.
The Scrigno Sliding Glass door for Base is also and above all discreet: for its innate ability to divide rooms without ever appearing. To set a limit without appearing. Also: to reopen the space at any time. Without any second thoughts. Always ready when needed and with ease to disappear.
The Sliding Glass Door for Base is the utmost embodiment of minimal design. It is designed to let it shine through at closing and, conversely, to conceal itself, fast and quick, at every opening. A glass door, available in a variety of sliding finishes. Running and recurring. Faster or cushioned. Broader or less articulate. Present, but never on show. It leaves only the doorposts and edging trim exposed.
Customisable and tailor-made as needed, this door totally adapts to the size of the room. As a combination of quality, design, aesthetics and taste, it is the right furniture complement. For those who pay attention to numerous details and want accessories designed and curated to enhance all the contours.
Nothing is left to fate. Nothing remains unresolved. Everything is vitality and efficiency. In presence and absence.

Simple and functional: the Scrigno sliding glass door for Base for any room is a winning and compatible choice.

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