Sliding glass door for Essential Trial

Like a dividing line that hovers in the environment, solid yet light, the sliding glass door for Essential Trial is a door that creates an atmosphere. Seemingly simple and unpretentious, it contains technology that exceeds all expectations and hopes.

Even when the solution is basic and minimalist...its starring role can prove crucial. Hidden, minimal or bright. Present, reduced, absent. One, two, three. One, Dual, Trial. The sliding glass door for Essential Trial glides lightly through the room. With striking simplicity, it conquers its role in a consistently convincing manner. Plenty of technology all packed into one product, combining three into one.

The door is revealed, while its twin is still hiding. Then, a full-width development, and the door is shown in its entirety. In contrast, while they close, the doors retract, sliding flexibly inside the wall. A work of the utmost genius, proudly representing Scrigno's research.
The doors divide the space, discreetly. They create different volumes and are suitable for every solution.
The doors close, disappearing into the wall and out of sight.
The sliding glass door for Essential Trial is a door that creates an atmosphere. A dividing line in the setting, solid but at the same time also light.
An innovative product, capable of containing. That plays its role in the dual ability to show or conceal. Within a single concealed case, the three sliding glass doors, connected by a sliding system, demonstrate their ability to be a resource. To dress and undress the space. All this in harmony with the wall, which, thanks to the elimination of doorposts and edging trims, exceeds all its goals.

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