Sliding glass door for Essential

Scrigno's sliding glass door for Essential embodies design and purity, understated technology, but also sophistication. The solution is ideal for those who lean toward a clean and essential style.

Imperceptible, unobtrusive, harmonious. Minimal, uniform and quiet. Durable, solid and strong. Designed for those who, in addition to design, aim for a very consistent result.
Scrigno's sliding glass door for Essential is a perfect synthesis of design and sophistication. This solution is distinguished by its extreme purity. It is the ideal door, for those - in defining the furnishing of one’s home or office - who lean toward an understated and essential style. The glass is inserted without the need for drilling and proves to be durable, retaining its excellent opening and closing performance for a long time.
Thanks to a counter frame that is designed without an edging trim and without doorposts, this solution eliminates several critical elements. The glass door glides over the tracks without any hindrance. But it is also capable of naturally slowing down when sold in conjunction with the Slow Glass system or with the double damper, systems that automatically adjust its sliding speed.
The sliding glass door for Essential contains a degree of technology that is anything but minor and trivial, yet it innovates decisively without the need to prove that it is phenomenal. A clean and unobtrusive system that dresses its role with a completely secret charm. Its linear shape confirms how this is always a very convenient and extremely functional choice. Durable, smooth and balanced, the door slides on the frame to which it is matched. The wall remains free to look at: the single or double door takes centre stage.
The sliding glass door for Essential is customisable and made-to-measure. Depending on the requirements of the setting in which it is placed, it can be adjusted according to any desire. Also varied are the finishes-everyone can find their own and the result will be clean and essential.

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