Sliding glass door for Remix

The sliding glass door for Remix by Scrigno is the result of an evolution and is unparalleled. It innovates the Base and Granluce models and demonstrates a character that shines. A glass door, solid and durable, available in different finishes.

Union, comparison and comparison. Evolution arising from perfect composition.
The sliding glass door for Remix by Scrigno is an innovative and evolved model compared to all its predecessors: its essence, in fact, is designed to cross and integrate many aspects into a single solution that enhances its best features.
A solution that originated primarily as a development of Base and Granluce, allowing for the creation of a series that shines with its scope of functionality and elegance.
In this model - more than in any other - Scrigno's experience shows that it can count, to compose together the most innovative elements and relaunch. To the point that never more than in this case is choice derived, in a direct way, from careful selection. A model that mixes and remixes. That is inspired, observes and composes. That assembles, tests and repurposes.
The sliding glass door for Remix by Scrigno skilfully combines the mechanisms of every other solution and is in fact an evolution of it. A solution that knows how to be inspired and, at the same time, also knows how to innovate.
As versatile as all its predecessor models, the glass door for Remix boasts several values. First of all, it is solid and durable. It proves stable during both opening and closing. Even with a single gesture, it delivers optimum performance: it disappears into the wall and then reappears again. But that’s not enough. Because this door is also versatile and is a fully mature solution due to the wide range of finishes available.
Thin doors are not necessarily fragile. Light weight goes hand in hand with durability. Thanks to the counter frame with which it achieves complete symbiosis, the sliding door for Remix integrates into the environment in total osmosis. With its enchanting elegance. Anyone who observes it move gets the feeling it is dancing.

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