Techzero counter frame

Techzero is the counter frame resulting from the value of absence. The absence of doorposts in the wall. A product that combines a dual essence: the ability to be minimal and functional. The proposal for a new solution that innovates and renders a setting outstanding.

Zero doorposts, zero imperfections, zero limitations.
Sometimes true value does not lie in presence, but it emerges, in all its relevance and innovative scope, through absence. The absence of a physical sign. The absence of a footprint on the wall. The absence of a presence which doesn’t always liaise with the room. Which does not respond to the style you want to create. Or that, more simply, isn’t functional.
The ability to simplify an environment is one of Techzero's prized features. One name, for a double essence. Zero impact: absence. So much technology: presence.
After all, Techzero derives from the strength of experience. From research and knowledge. The one tested by the Scrigno Group in a 30-year journey with Scrignotech.
Techzero is a counter frame that goes one step beyond. A product that has the will to dare. Which goes further with the goal of masking. A solution that has the desire to amplify, to unify and conceal.
To unify the environment, the counter frame is designed to be inconspicuous. When the door slides open, then that's when the gap appears. When the door slides shut, the gap disappears again.
For an understated yet sophisticated style. Simple, yet sophisticated. No clutter in the environment, the lack of doorposts makes the effect clean-cut, automatically.
Techzero adapts for different widths and heights and creates different effects. Available for plaster and plasterboard, it contains the secret of success in its essence. Simple to assemble, it furnishes space with ease. Thanks to the aluminium profile, the installation phase is guided and facilitated. Upon completion, no additional plastering or brushing is required.
Techzero is the new sliding solution without doorposts that further expands the range dedicated to construction sites. The end result eliminates all imperfections and tends towards the pure and driven pursuit of perfection.

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