Trial counter frame

Hidden, Minimal or Transparent.
Present, Reduced, Absent.
One, two, three.
Essential, Essential Dual, Essential Trial.

It glides lightly. From one to two, from two to three doors. Essential Trial, the latest counter frame solution for sliding doors launched by Scrigno. A minimal support that does the job for three: three doors contained in the space of one and one door that reveals the development of three. A width of 2.40 metres that “folds up” and slides easily into the 80 centimetre space.

When design is all about space: the sliding solution looks like a large transparent glass panel, which barely marks the division of the space, creating different volumes without separating them. Transparent, etched, extra clear transparent, extra clear etched, bronze, etched bronze, smoked grey, etched smoked grey and black: nine tone-on-tone colours are ready to play with the light in the room. Amid light and dark, they light up, stand out, emphasising the shadows and the sun’s rays. The glass door filters the atmosphere and pads it with soft, cold, amber, pale or dark colours.

Then with one touch the glass slides, gliding, becoming a door, enhancing the tones. True, real, present. Solid, yet minimal. Visible to the eye. Full, beside the void. One door closed, beside it a threshold. A sliding door, within a sliding door. Ready to get back on your way.

The three 10 mm glass doors, connected together by a sliding system, shut in the space of one door. The installation of this system in the wall can envisage a glass wall of 2.40 metres, but the footprint of the concealed “pocket” is the width divided by three. One touch, a light flash: the sliding door appears and disappears into the counter frame. Ideal for plasterboard and masonry, which swallow it up and support it. The structure in Aluzinc®, a zinc and aluminium alloy that is particularly resistant to corrosion, protects them over time. Trial. Dual. Essential. It appears, plays the starring role, is reduced, opens and closes.

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