Windsor security door

The door that pivots around its own axis.
Thrilling and bold. The Windsor security door is a pivoting model: a single door pivots smoothly around a sophisticated system of concealed pins.

Flush-fitting, Windsor stands out for the extraordinary styling appeal of its over size dimensions, capable of moving with perfect elegance.
The style is majestic yet minimal, for an impressive scenic impact. Ready to resonate with the interior décor it is to lead into, its personality is expressed through multiple customisations, skilfully proposed in different panels. The outside is on-trend and can also be reinforced with new and hi-tech covers, such as porcelain stoneware, which is highly resistant to weathering and wear.
The double stop and the double sealing strips enhance its thermal and acoustic performance levels. The defender, which protects the lock cylinder, is the perfect finishing touch to complete the high-level security.
From the inside, the throws remain concealed behind the stop, whereas on the outside the handle can be recessed for an overall design of fascinating linearity. In true Windsor style.

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