Unrefined doorposts

Unrefined doorposts for counter frames

Posts constitute a “finishing” accessory for the counter frame; they define the perimeter outline of the door space with precision, delimiting the actual opening space, in both width and height. Securing the door closure finish is no problem, since the SCRIGNO counter frame is fitted with a wooden upright, on which the door closure doorpost can be anchored, according to the same assembly process as on swing doors. To remedy the issue of the case finish, a special head front has been devised which not only offers anchoring for the finishing doorpost but also makes the entire counter frame more rigid. General characteristics The semi-finishes doorposts are in Tanganyika veneered MDF. They are available for all models only for certain sizes; for those not specified in the price list, please refer to the size immediately above. The doorpost will therefore have to be adjusted to the opening space during installation, simply by cutting. They are supplied smoothed, ready for polishing or painting, complete with black dust guard and brown sealing strip.


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