The film: OPEN TO LIFE
04 Oct 2022

OPEN TO LIFE, the Film entirely dedicated to SCRIGNO.

It’s a narrative journey that describes projects and products, solutions and applications, experiences and visions.

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“It is pleasurable to press a door handle shining from the thousands of hands that have entered the door before us; the clean shimmer of ageless wear has turned into an image of welcome and hospitality.

The door handle is the handshake of the building. The tactile sense connects us with time and tradition: through impressions of touch we shake the hands of countless generations.

The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses.

J. Pallasmaa, 2005

From a simple object like the handle and from a structural element like the door, a 360-degree narration takes shape around the theme of the threshold, in its numerous incarnations, from the urban scale to that of details.

Between opacity and transparency, perceptive experiences of living are explored and, as such, are integrated into contexts via large openings, making the relationship between inside and outside, between domestic space and urban reality, direct.

From the threshold to the limit, from the Japanese domestic microcosm to American modernist architecture, the archetypal element of the door recounts its story in various areas of design and art, from the sacred to the initiation, arraying itself in different meanings, technologies, and materials. A detailed digression on existing technologies and a design and compositional approach to the solutions of the future.

A story told in the voices of Scrigno, in the figures of Francesco Bigoni – Chief Marketing Officer, Stefano Rossi – Product Manager and Paolo Avvanzini– Head of Industrial and Lean Automation, together with the experiences of designers like the architects Tomas Ghisellini and Stefano Piraccini. A journey that unwinds between architectural composition and literature, between domestic microcosms and philosophy, between reality and sustainable design.

The project is the result of the collaboration with ISPLORA, an innovative, open source, e-learning platform for professional training in architecture, the international reference for contemporary design and composition narration.