Hinged door with glass jambs

Eletta, Scrigno's glass hinged door, combines design and functionality. It has an aesthetic with a strong character, comes in different shades and has an aluminium structure with seven finishes. Eletta is sturdy and sober, suitable for dividing and combining any type of space. With its clean reflections and shapes, the rooms connect elegantly.

Eletta is Scrigno's glass-hinged door designed for maximum versatility of use.
With assorted variants, the glass that distinguishes the door allows complete customisation. The doors are thin and have an aluminium structure that ensures stability. Available in a wide range of colours, it meets every design need.
The dimensions of Eletta can be customised, up to a maximum of 2700 mm in height and 1000 mm in width, for a thickness of the final wall varying from 98 to 250 mm. The thickness of the finished door measures 40 mm.
The standard equipment includes a magnetic lock and easy to adjust pivot hinges, with rotation up to 180°.

Technical diagrams and dimensions
Eletta - Hinged door with glass jambs
Clear opening size Frame exterior Opening dimensions Edging trim dimensions Door dimensions Finished wall
L x H L1 x H1 L2 x H2 L3 x H3 L4 x H4 Th
600x1900÷2700 685x1942÷2742 690x1945÷2745 780x1990÷2790 640x1914÷2714 from 98 to 250
from 98 to 250
700x1900÷2700 785x1942÷2742 790x1945÷2745 880x1990÷2790 740x1914÷2714
800x1900÷2700 885x1942÷2742 890x1945÷2745 980x1990÷2790 840x1914÷2714
900x1900÷2700 985x1942÷2742 990x 1945÷2745 1080x1990÷2790 940x1914÷2714
1000x1900÷2700 1085x1942÷2742 1090x1945÷2745 1180x1990÷2790 1040x1914÷2714
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