Sliding glass door for Remix

For lovers of large environments

The sliding glass door for Remix by Scrigno is the result of an evolution and is unparalleled. It innovates the Base and Granluce models and demonstrates a character that shines. A glass door, solid and durable, available in different finishes.

An exclusive Scrigno patent, Remix is the counter frame resulting from the development of Base and Granluce. The glass door and related assembly hardware are exclusive products offered by Scrigno. They can be purchased separately.
The door is made of 10 mm thick tempered glass; the doorposts are available in MDF with a satin steel look finish or in unrefined Tanganyika veneered MDF.
The glass is available in a choice of different finishes.

Technical diagrams and dimensions
Porta scorrevole vetro per Remix
Opening width Frame exterior Opening dimensions Edging trim dimensions Door 1 dimensions Door 2 dimensions Wall thickness
L x H L1 x H1 L2 x H2 L3 x H3 L4 x H4 L5 x H5 Th
1200x2000÷2400 1250x2050÷2450 1255x2050÷2450 1380x2090÷2490 672x2020÷2420 610x2020÷2420 Intonaco Plaster 105
1400x2000÷2400 1450x2050÷2450 1455x2050÷2450 1580x2090÷2490 772x2020÷2420 710x2020÷2420
1650x2000÷2400 1650x2050÷2450 1655x2050÷2450 1780x2090÷2490 872x2020÷2420 810x2020÷2420
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