Scrigno for the Parchitello Alta complex

Scrigno solutions play the starring role in the prestigious project by Parchitello Alta, promoted and carried out by GIEM s.r. l, based in Bari: a project with a superior styling and environmental value, resulting from the restoration of the construction built in the early 1990s comprising 48 single-family houses and 63 apartments, covering a surface area of 95,000 sq.m. just a stone’s throw from the sea in the Municipality of Noicàttaro, in the province of Bari.

The sophisticated finishes are the key feature of this delicately Mediterranean-style complex: an environment distinguished by natural stone claddings, wood and marble flooring, a teak deck on the poolside, hand-crafted windows and doors, which stand out for their pleasant sense of peace and quiet and balance, evoked by the harmonious diversity of the prized materials used to make up the structure.

The residential complex is a perfect example of contemporary architecture, characterised by plastic shapes processed and plied in minute detail, underlining the meticulous texture of the materials that highlight the power of the structure. The project aims to create a highly environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient complex, where the refinement of the monolithic and linear style plays a key role. From the design phase to the construction phase, the aim of architect Furio, the mastermind behind the project, was to take advantage of the simple and Cartesian shapes of the existing structures to re-value them in terms of architectural design, increasing domestic comfort with bespoke solutions.

The concept of the living spaces reflects the unicum of the façades, spanned by a leitmotiv of purity and linearity: this is the basic idea behind Parchitello Alta. In this respect, the geometrical urbanism of the exterior, characterised by wide stretches of greenery and swimming pools, pedestrian footpaths and communal spaces, finds a natural balance in the interior, where the Gold and Essential counter frames by Scrigno have been cleverly incorporated. In this context, the Scrigno solutions were chosen because of their extraordinary ability to bring the striking simplicity of the exterior back indoors, through a process of minimal interpretation of spaces. The exceptional material and structural solidity of the traditional Gold line and the striking simplicity of the details of the counter frame and of the Essential doors, the highest expression of Scrigno’s renowned quality craftsmanship, reflect the aesthetic needs of the project, shaping personal environments but at the same time perfectly in keeping with the architectural style, making attention to detail its milestone. Within the complex, strong and accentuated volumes combine with transparencies that shape the space, creating a harmonious connection between the styling values of contemporary architecture and the past, in favour of a beguiling contrast of time and style with the surrounding landscape.

Architect Giuseppe Furio, project manager, states: “Choosing Scrigno as a supplier is down to the excellence of the brand’s solutions: in my opinion, Scrigno is unquestionably the leader in the industry, in terms of quality and performance over time. Moreover, the brand philosophy fits in perfectly with my design idea: a set of pure volumes, lights and shadows, capable of shaping intimate spaces and functional areas, in full respect for the environment and mankind. In Parchitello Alta, luxury becomes sustainable: all the design, construction and plant engineering choices in fact have the precise objective of achieving maximum domestic comfort and energy efficiency, in class A+.”

For this project, the architect chose