Comfort line

The COMFORT line of swing and sliding doors offers a broad range of understated and elegant solutions that are perfectly in keeping with the latest trends in interior design. There are two models, PRIMA whose door is completely smooth and SOUND, enhanced by two horizontal inserts in satin finish steel. Available in the following versions: swing, sliding (for Gold Base and Essential), Light (with glass) and Book.

Sliding door
  • Flush-fitting sliding door
  • Sliding glass door
  • Sliding fire door
  • External wall sliding door
  • Sliding door with traditional doorposts
  • Soundproof sliding doors
  • Wooden sliding doors
Swing door
  • Swing door with doorposts
  • Swing fire door
  • Swing glass door
  • Flush-fitting swing door
Doors for small spaces
  • Doors for small spaces
Door type
  • Sliding door
  • Swing door
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Special sliding doors
  • Wooden hinged doors
  • Special hinged doors
  • Glass hinged doors
  • Lacquered line
  • Glass door solutions
  • Scrigno Tech Line
  • External wall sliding line
  • Other products
  • Comfort line
  • Tresor Line
Flush-fitting door
  • Flush-fitting door
Door with doorposts
  • Door with doorposts
Fire door
  • Fire door
Glass door
  • Glass door
Acoustic door
  • Acoustic door