Magnifico counter frame

Magnifico is Scrigno’s unprecedented system that eradicates the resistance of any force of gravity. Extraordinary, excellent, surprising: the revolution sparked by Scrigno looks to a future outside the box. Because the future is magnificent!

Magnifico. Magnificent, in Italian, is synonymous with excellent. As only a prodigy can be. Like reality when it exceeds all expected and possible expectations.
Wonderful, because it is a wonder. Like a sudden surprise. One that comes suddenly, accompanies you and makes your life easier.
And also: Magnificent in its ability to achieve a great result. Amazing. Since it makes gravity disappear altogether. Only essence... no resistance..
Magnifico is Scrigno's new patented technology system: an innovation that uses magnetic levitation technology to eradicate gravity. A magnificent idea for a magnificent result. Which is synonymous with extraordinary: it embodies what did not exist until yesterday as a market proposition for architects, designers and clients. Yet one that today is a reality.
Thanks to Magnifico, the Scrigno door opens. The Scrigno door shuts. One movement - the usual. Where, however, the perception of any gravity is eradicated. The door floats and hovers in the air, light. It begins its travel, it rises, becomes detached, gliding, sliding, almost flying - without any resistance.
Magnifico is the effect you don't expect. The unexpected astonishment of novelty.
A disruptive solution. Like a revolution. One which, once it starts, doesn't stop. Designed to give rise to innovation that stays. From the first try, the attraction is magnetic.
A revolution that is a reaction, a chain reaction. That triggers new developments over time. More novelty.
Because we are talking about an exceptional product. One that, however, it is not an exception. Quite the opposite. It is the result of continuous action, to invent, to improve, to innovate. Above all, for a product that is meant to last.
A solution for the future. Looking far ahead. That crosses every horizon. Taking off into tomorrow. A better tomorrow. Because the future is simply in a word: Magnifico.

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